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Only logistics was a thing of the past. Are you not just looking for a service provider, but a strong partner for all challenges? You've come to the right place with us. With our additional services, you get everything from a single source — from e-commerce advice to setting up ERP systems.

Value addes Services
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Value-added services
Maximize customer loyalty
Value-added services play a crucial role in today's marketing. They offer companies the opportunity to strengthen their customer relationships and increase sales through up-selling and cross-selling. Through targeted inbound and retention measures from EMIRAT Handling and Fulfillment, existing customers can be retained in the long term.Fulfillment Existing customers can be retained in the long term.
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JTL support

  • Assembly or disassembly
  • Repacking
  • Labeling
  • reparations
  • quality controls

E-commerce consulting

  • Preparation or post-processing of goods
  • packaging concepts
  • Packaging according to country or manufacturer-specific requirements
  • Confections

Marketing campaigns

  • Using customer service platforms
  • Payment transactions
  • Customer Service
  • Order management
  • document management


  • Include promotional or informational material
  • Include promotional items to support marketing campaigns
  • Set building (bundling)
  • Awards - Deal Time Mass Delivery Promotions
  • Deal time mass mailing promotions
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Individual customer needs require individual solutions
Value-added services apply at various points along the e-commerce value chain and contribute significantly to improving customer experience. At EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment, you will find a wide range of value-added services that enable you to focus on your strengths.
Value addes Services

Marketing Services - The add-on for your growth

Gain the upper hand in e-commerce with our marketing services. From targeted up-selling and cross-selling approaches to inbound and retention measures to effective churn & winback strategies, we offer comprehensive solutions. Our e-commerce consulting covers everything from strategy development and online marketing to SEA/SEO and innovative tools for sustainable success.

Design Services - The basis for your external perception

Experience the power of compelling aesthetics with our design services. From designing appealing websites to developing effective marketing materials to creating high-quality product photographs, we offer holistic design solutions. Give your company a visual identity that is impressive and memorable.
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marketing campaigns

We are the right partner to support companies at every stage of growth. We offer start-ups effortless logistics processing so that you can focus on growing your business. We help established companies to optimize their processes
Why EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment?

More efficient storage, faster packaging and prompt shipping

Saving personnel costs and administrative expenses for logistics employees

Comprehensible logistics processes and transport chains

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Integrating value-added services gives your company the opportunity to maximize customer loyalty by enabling targeted inbound and retention measures. Lost customers are won back through personalized offers and improved customer service, and holistic e-commerce advice strengthens the online presence. In addition, professional web design and marketing campaigns help to increase brand awareness and increase the conversion rate, which ultimately maximizes the success of your marketing strategies.
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