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Your partner for efficient clearing and optimization of back-end marketing campaigns. We offer automated data collection, display layout optimization, and advanced technologies to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns.

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We are ABCERT (DE-ÖKO-006) certified.
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Clearing as an essential tool for your company's success

In the area of clearing, EMIRAT plays a decisive role in supporting marketing campaigns.
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Support for marketing campaigns

We offer efficient packaging of materials, the creation of microsites and smooth execution of sales promotion and marketing campaigns.

Automated data collection from return actions

By gaining valuable information about customer preferences and behavior, we enable future marketing strategies to be adapted in a targeted manner.

Risk management

Based on years of experience in return campaigns, we offer reinsurance of your marketing campaign through our parent company EMIRAT AG.

Clearing as an essential tool for companies

By using advanced technologies, we enable the effective implementation of marketing activities and maximize the success of campaigns.
Our philosophy

EMIRAT - One partner for all tasks

Discover clearing as an essential tool for your company's success — using advanced technologies to effectively implement marketing activities and maximize campaign success.
Holistic support in clearing, handling & fulfillment.

Your goals - Our clearing services

Our services aim to achieve your goals by promoting a sustainable increase in sales through money-back campaigns, competitions and fundraising campaigns, formally establishing successful customer loyalty and effectively supporting the acquisition of new customers.

Meet clearing needs

EMIRAT is there for you, from setting up mailboxes to data collection, to help you simplify work steps and simplify complex processes. As a specialist in clearing, handling and fulfillment, we are your ideal partner for projects, whether for planned discount campaigns, competitions or recording receipts & evaluation, in order to actively support you on the way to achieving your goals.Fulfillment sind wir Ihr idealer Partner für Projekte, sei es bei geplanten Rabattaktionen, Gewinnspielen oder der Erfassung von Kassenbons & Auswertung, um Sie aktiv auf dem Weg zur Zielerreichung zu unterstützen.

Custom support without pre-built packages

EMIRAT is here to help you develop a tailor-made plan to individually support your business. No ready-made packages, but a clear analysis to eliminate unnecessary tasks and only pay for required services. As your point of contact for special events, competitions and money-back campaigns, we offer appropriate support from planning to implementation in order to provide new impetus.
Why EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment?

Years of experience and protection from parent company EMIRAT AG
Speziell für Onlinehändler im B2b & DTC-Bereich.

Comprehensible logistics processes and transport chains
Automatisieren Sie Ihr Geschäft in nur 48h Stunden!

Lower error rates due to automation
Wir bieten Ihnen Rückmeldung und Lösungen in unter 2 Stunden.

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