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Amazon Pre-FBA
Maximize efficiency.

We offer Amazon sellers the opportunity to optimize delivery speeds and logistics costs by using a pre-FBA warehouse. Services from incoming goods to shipping.

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Optimize delivery speeds and logistics costs with pre-FBA.

What is Amazon FBA and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Amazon FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon” and is an Amazon program where sellers can sell their products on the Amazon marketplace and Amazon takes care of all logistics, including storage, packaging, and shipping.

Benefits of Amazon FBA: Infrastructure, Reach, and Growth

Attractive shipping conditions for a small, unique product.

Restricted custom fulfillment services from Amazon FBA

Creates dependency and causes high inventory costs for products with slow sales speeds.

What is Pre-FBA & what are your benefits?

Amazon Pre-FBA is a service that enables companies to optimally keep an eye on their logistical costs by using a pre-warehouse while ensuring fast delivery times. In this way, the benefits of Amazon FBA can be used efficiently.

Our pre-FBA services:

Incoming goods inspection
visual inspection
Control photography
Replacing damaged packaging
Continuous communication
Shipment preparation
Shipping to Amazon

Your benefits:

Handling complaints and returns
Affordable storage options
No unnecessary storage and labor costs
No hidden fees
Quick response times
High reliability and transparency in all aspects
Professional receipt of goods
Individual services can also be booked
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Our scalable warehouse system allows easy adjustment to order quantities, offers the option of expanding logistics space at short notice and ensures an efficient process flow from incoming goods to outgoing goods. Through automation, we reduce error rates, take over the cumbersome returns processing and save time and money, which ultimately leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and higher turnover.
Amazon Pre-FBA - What is it?
Why do I save money with a pre-FBA warehouse?
What services does Amazon Pre-FBA include at EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment?
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More efficient storage, faster packaging and prompt shipping

Saving personnel costs and administrative expenses for logistics employees

Comprehensible logistics processes and transport chains

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