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Beer logistics — what are the key points to consider?

When it comes to beer logistics, there are a few crucial points that should be considered in order to ensure a smooth process and optimal storage and distribution of beer. Here are a few details:


Storing beer correctly is critical to maintaining the quality and taste of the product. It is important that beer is stored under appropriate conditions, especially when it is being shipped over long distances. Specialized storage and cold rooms are used here to ensure that the beer stays fresh and does not lose taste.

The most important facts about storage summarized:

1. Breakage and leak protection:

Beer bottles and beer cans can easily break or leak, especially during transportation. It is therefore necessary to ensure that packaging and means of transport provide adequate protection to prevent breakage and leakage. Special outer packaging, upholstery materials or holders can be used.

2. Temperature control:

Beer is sensitive to changes in temperature. To preserve the quality and taste of beer, it is important that it is kept at optimal temperatures during storage and transportation. This is usually between 4-8°C for lagers and 8-12°C for top-fermented beers. A temperature that is too high or too low can have a negative impact on the quality of the beer. The use of cooling systems and temperature monitoring systems is therefore absolutely necessary, particularly for long transport routes or in hot climate zones.

3. Hygiene:

Beer is a perishable product and there is a risk of contamination or infection from dirt, germs, or foreign substances. It is therefore a basic requirement that storage and transport containers are regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure the highest hygiene standards.

4. Storage space and organization:

Beer bottles and beer cans are often stored in large quantities, and efficient use of available space is essential. A good warehouse management system that ensures clear labeling, stackability and easy accessibility is necessary to enable economical storage and picking.

5. Expiry dates:

Beer has a limited shelf life, especially when it comes to CRAFT beers or special varieties. The right inventory management ensures that older stocks are sold or delivered first to avoid product damage due to expired beer bottles or cans.


The logistics of shipping beer require careful planning and organization. Appropriate packaging materials must be used to ensure that the beer is not damaged during transportation. Shipping options should also be offered that ensure fast delivery.

Another important aspect is compliance with legal requirements regarding the shipment of alcohol products. Companies must find out about the respective regulations in the target regions and ensure that they comply with them.

Overall, EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment GmbH & Co. KG offers great opportunities in the area of e-commerce in beer distribution, but also requires specific expertise and careful planning. Through proper storage, convincing marketing and efficient logistics, companies can successfully operate in the online beer market.

In addition, logistics outsourcing gives your company increased flexibility in terms of seasonal fluctuations or unforeseen changes in demand. As an external service provider, we can react quickly to these changes and provide the necessary resources to ensure smooth logistics processing.

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